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Aeon cluster generator "Fasion" was installed in the main hall of Higashi Honganji Temple, the head temple of the Jodo Shinshu Higashi Honganji school, and all rooms of Jikoden Hall.

November 23, 2013, Reiwa at Higashi Honganji Temple (Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo), the Jodo Shinshu Higashi Honganji School in Asakusa, Tokyo(fire)~28th(day)In order to protect visitors to the temple from intradocomat infection caused by the new coronavirus, the main hall and ancillary facilities were equipped with a fungus and virus inactivation device: Aeon cluster generator "Fasion" and started operation at the "Gosho-Obaho Onko" held in 2008.

Health care facility for the elderly

By introducing ion cluster generators, mass infection in nursing homes is prevented!
For 6 years after installation, the achievement of "zero" of the second influenza infection person in the garden!
Tokyo:Established at the largest health care facility for the elderly in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Location of the installation
Main building 5 toilets(Anti-stench)
New building 110 private rooms, rehabilitation room, office, office day service, dining room, kitchen, etc.

National City of Tokyo
The scale of the facility
146 floors of the 4-story main building
120 new 4-story buildings
Date of installation
November 2013

The facility is the largest nursing care facility for the elderly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, with a particular focus on measures against infectious diseases and an effort to operate facilities that do not cause infectious diseases.

New(Care Houses)58 additional units installed in
Location of the installation
All private rooms, communal living rooms, and kitchen rooms for residents are installed.
The scale of the facility
50 floors on 5 floors
Date of installation
May 2018

Childcare facilities

I would like to give you my thoughts after the introduction, including the area. A total of 12 units were introduced.

M fore-Gumi (0,1a three-year-) 85.3Square meters/2 units installed
There was no mixed smell of "milk" and "diaper", and there are many opinions that it feels refreshing every time you enter the room.

Churippu-Gumi (2a three-year-) 43.2Square meters/1 unit installed
This place is accepted early in the morning.(AM7 (number):00) ~ Extended Childcare(PM7:00)In the room that I use until, there is a toilet between the room and the room, but when I go back, I open the door of the room and make a way for the ion cluster to pass.

School lunch room 28.9 square meters / 1 unit installed
The sterilizing lamp is installed, but it is installed in the sense that it removes the "smell".

Nursery teacher waiting room(Locker) 23.2Square meters/1 unit installed
Moisture comes out in the back of the north side, the capi comes out and the tatami mat is deliberately applied to the sun, it is dehumidification, and I thought that it was better to be popular, and I used it as an overtime room of the nursery teacher, but after installation, there is no mold and moisture, and I feel refreshing.
The room is small, so it is "weak" and the correspondence is enough.

Multipurpose hall: 143.8 square meters/2 units
It is used as a room for child-rearing support, not to mention for events such as entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and presentations. Child-rearing support is to accept parents and children who cannot go to nursery school or kindergarten.
I used to be sensitive to influenza, vomiting diarrhea and infectious diseases in nursery schools, but now it's often said that the air is different, and the influence of posters...
Especially effective for parents of hay fever.

Office: 49.8 square meters/1
I'm surprised that the "nechanecha" of the leaves of the houseplant has disappeared at all.

Roses(3a three-year-) 61.2Sqm/1
Sumire-gumi(4a three-year-) 61.2Sqm/1
When the toilet of the other day returns as well as the 1F, the door is opened, and the road of the ion cluster is made.
Sunflowers(5a three-year-) 69.0Sqm/1
Tanpobo-Gumi(Temporary care and specific childcare) 47.7Sqm/1
This class is not for our kindergarten children, but for children who can't enter nursery schools, kindergarten children, etc.
Basically, I am "strong" during childcare and "weak" when I go home.
In addition, I have heard that the nursery teacher has changed various places such as putting it in the toilet with the smell because it is compact.
According to the nursery teacher, the futon is put out, sterilized, and the pusher is opened and sterilized, and it puts it in the opposite direction of the ventilation fan as much as possible.
Because the immediate effect is terrible, this becomes a matter of course, and it forgets immediately, and the difference is not felt.
I think that I can understand it most if I use it though it is not possible to express it well in words easily.
It is a "groundbreaking product" that about 180 people can spend with peace of mind.
I don't know if it will be helpful or not, but I'll finish it with this much. If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will answer as much as you can. Thank you very much.

Nursing homes

As an initial introduction, we set mainly a multipurpose space for eating and recreation. We plan to expand the installation site by hearing the usage status of the facility, such as the cooking room, laundry room, and common talk space.
10 Thoki Nursing Stations
Name of the corporation:Care Service Co., Ltd.
establishment:April 1, 2000
244 West 4th Street, Dokicho, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture
Day service
Group Home
Rental housing for the elderly
Home Care Support
Business consulting for nursing care companies
Delivery of know-how in the nursing care business


Wanwan Land-sama 4 cars installed
Name of the facility:Playpark Gold Tower
Open:August 2004
1 Hama Ibancho 8, Utazu-cho, Kagawa Prefecture
The main building has a comprehensive entertainment facility with children's playground equipment, a game center, karaoke space, etc.

Before the introduction, a large amount of deodorant was placed, and the window was opened and it was opened. Especially in the summer when the smell becomes strong, the air conditioning does not work by opening the window, and it is "smelly and hot". It was a fatal condition as a game field.
Now it is possible to close the window and open business, the cost of deodorant has decreased dramatically, air conditioning is also effective, and it has become a power saving.

Voice of the user
I had been suffering from the smell and infection of the area where there was a dog of "Wanwan Land" in the facility for a long time. The customer also pointed out that the smell is hard.
I tried various things such as deodorants of a certain famous manufacturer and detergents that can remove odors, but it was hardly improved.

It only installed this ion cluster machine, and the smell and the infection of the dog were lost in the morning of the next day.
Of course, the point of the smell is lost at all from the customer.
Installation is also very easy, just put it on and turn it on, it's really picky!!
It has become an indispensable thing in our shop now. Thank you very much.
I want to use it every day from now on.


犬の散歩やさん WANPO (ワンポ) 様 2台設置
Dog Walking And Mr. WANPO (Wympo (disambiguation)) Mr. 2 cars installed
Company Name:Pet Support Service Center Co., Ltd.
代表者:Yoshikazu Tanaka
所在地:Tabata 5-12-12, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Dog training/training/sitter/walking agency, training class, seminar planning/holding
Pet-compatible property support services
Management of The School for the Development of Pet Rearing Management Instructors
Volunteer Activities of the Association for the Spread of Hearing Dogs

In our shop, "smell" measures have been a big problem until now.

I was surprised to introduce an "ion cluster machine"!! The peculiar smell of that animal and the smell of pet food disappeared splendidly.

On the contrary, the "ion effect" has also changed the health of the dog. Pets such as the change of the season are usually easy to break the physical condition, and there were always sick children, until the by-product that the health trouble does not occur at all. You can predict that there were zero in-store infections.

This, including the staff, is a double pleasure and surprise!I think this is very important because it means that animal-derived infections are lost in the home and that the disease is not transmitted to children and the elderly.

We would like to continue to use it in our shop while introducing it to our customers, including the meaning of maintaining air purification and health of the facility environment.

Food factory

21 dishes delivered by Ajisho are installed.
(16 units are installed in the venue. 4 units installed in warehouses, employee waiting rooms, etc.)
Company Name:Ami-Takumi Co., Ltd.
1-7-8 Tokiwa, Sakede City, Kagawa Prefecture
Product Guide:
We cook at our own factory and carry out everything from delivery to serving and cleaning up to customers.
Creative Japanese set, Omotenashi Japanese set, Shiki-filled dishes, Assorted Hachibaki dishes, Red rice, rolled and rose sushi

Since August 2010, we have installed 20 ion cluster machines in line with the area of each room in the food factory.

The purpose is to improve food hygiene and to disinfect and suppress bacteria in facilities and cooking equipment. When installed in a prefabricated refrigerator, the so-called "transfer aroma" that the smell of food shifts to other foods is eliminated and is very useful.
In addition, the smell of the passageway adjacent to the "garbage storage" has decreased dramatically, and it is very popular among employees.

Thanks to you, we received a commendation from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as "Excellent Food Sanitation Facility" on October 22, 2010.

We would like to work harder with all of our employees and aim to become a "food sanitation factory" that anyone can be proud of.

The current factory facility was completed in September 1993, and we mainly shipped the windings to large supermarkets.
Because it was one of the leading factories with good hygiene management, we started Japanese rice bowls and folding dishes in 1998, and we have been receiving large-sized arrangements for JA funerals.
In consideration of temperature control by delivery, there are many orders from individuals now, and it is indispensable for meals at events.
In October 2010, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare awarded the "Excellent Food Sanitation Facility."


まえだ整形外科  外科医院様 17台設置
In front of the orthopedic surgeon's office, 17 units were installed.
Company Name:The Surgeon's Office
Director of the Hospital:Shunsuke Maeda
3 chome 1-13 Muromachi, Sakede City, Kagawa Prefecture
The contents of the examination:
Orthopedics, Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Skin, Rehabilitation

Results after the introduction of the ion cluster

In December 2010, our hospital introduced an ion cluster generator in the treatment room and all hospital rooms as "hospital infection prevention measures".

After that, one year has passed soon. During that time, all of our staff, including patients visiting our hospital, hospitalized sick people, and our staff of 76, did not experience any infectious diseases, and from my experience as a doctor, it can be said that it is very phenomenal.

Before the introduction, I had confessed that the occurrence of infectious diseases was unavoidable because of the occupation called a hospital, but with the introduction of this ion cluster generator, I clearly understood that the infection was "possible to prevent" with considerable accuracy, and I am in a state of mind that I do not lie.


藤井病院様 20台設置
Fujii Hospital 20 units installed
Name of the corporation:Fujii Hospital, Shihokai Medical Corporation
Director:Minoru Miyasaka
323 Kashiwamachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Guide to medical examinations:
Internal Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Plastic surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Ophthalmology

Antibiotics are great, but soon powerful resistant bacteria appear.
Mrsa(Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)is a typical staphylococci that causes infections, because it is resistant to pharmaceuticals called meticillin, methicillin is a bacterium that does not show an effect.

Then, it is repeated that the fungus becomes resistant again about two years later, and the treatment of the infectious disease becomes impossible when it begins to use it in the hospital though a more powerful new drug is developed.

MRSA acquires resistance to new drugs in this way, an example of improved toxicity of bacteria, now hospitals, will nest in nursing homes, it has become the main criminal case of nosocomial infection.

Many cases of elderly people hospitalized with colds die of nosocomial infections of MRSA even after the cold has been cured. Nosocomial infections are caused by inadvertent cleaning and sterilization of air conditioners and pets in the hospital room, joint use of thermometers and sphygmomanometers, and from dishes, clothing and sheets.

We installed an "ion clustering machine" in our MRSA patient's hospital room, but we have achieved phenomenal results that nosocomial infection has occurred.

As for the installation and operation contents, one IPL-201 is arranged in two rooms of "MRSA patient's hospital room", and continuous operation is made with "strong". Patients other than MRSA patients are also hospitalized in the hospital room, but one year has passed since the introduction, and it has not been infected at all. Currently, it operates while moving an ion cluster generator to a dangerous hospital room.

This result will be presented at the conference.


宇多津グランドホテル様 ポータブル128台、ビルトイン型、ダクト挿入型設置
Utazu Grand Hotel
Portable 128 units, built-in type, duct insertion type installation
Company Name:Ami-Takumi Co., Ltd.
3-22-1, Utazu-choHama, Uta District, Kagawa Prefecture
Outline of the facility:
100 rooms, sky banquet hall, fitness, relaxation, public bath
Reduced air conditioning costs by 14 million yen and reduced annual electricity costs by more than 30%

Even in the summer, which is said to be extremely hot, the air conditioning electricity bill is down and I'm surprised. In the future, I heard that the number of horsepower of each equipment can be reduced in size when replacing air conditioning equipment, and we are pleased with the double surprise and further progress in cost reduction.

Before introduction, the ozone deodorizer was set to the room where the smell was worried about at the time of room check, and it took nearly an hour to deodorize→ ventilation and deodorization per room.
However, after introduction, there are no rooms that are worried about smell even in the afternoon room check, which is very useful for labor and labor cost reduction. In addition, at the fitness club in the hotel, we received a voice that "I no longer feel the smell of muttering". In the cold season, colds are also prevalent, so we have high hopes for the removal effect of the virus.